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Elerium Mace
3 years ago
Elerium Mace is a researchable melee weapon that is an upgrade to the Stun Rod.

3 years ago by Tyran_nick    Views: 3391    Downloads: 500
Grenade Launcher
3 years ago
The M-79 Grenade launcher has a variety of different munition types at its disposal, contributing to its effectiveness in a wide range of situations.

3 years ago by Ryskeliini    Views: 9341    Downloads: 698
Combat Knife
3 years ago
Using its hardened edge and point, a trained field operative can silently kill a lightly-armored enemy with a single slash or thrust.

3 years ago by Warboy1982    Views: 4775    Downloads: 1745
Laser Rifle Recolor
3 years ago
Recolors the Laser Rifle to better fit in with the Laser Pistol and the Heavy Laser.

3 years ago by Murmur    Views: 2250    Downloads: 949
Heavy Laser Rebalance
3 years ago
Rebalances the Heavy Laser to bring it more in line with the differences between the Plasma Rifle and the Heavy Plasma.

3 years ago by Murmur    Views: 4327    Downloads: 1458
Alloy Ammunition
3 years ago
This mod allows you to research and manufacture special ammo for the human conventional weapons. After research, alien alloys can be manufactured into specialized ammunition (higher damage, more bullets per clip). Also, you can research and manufacture an alloy cannon for your craft.

3 years ago by moriarty    Views: 2526    Downloads: 1037
3 years ago
An electromagnetic projectile launcher, the magnetic field propels slugs at very high velocity.

3 years ago by Robin    Views: 3053    Downloads: 1101
Fusion Torch
3 years ago
The Fusion Torch uses a Matter-Antimatter reaction to create enormously powerful plasma jets. The deeply penetrating plasma jet cuts through the target,

3 years ago by Ran    Views: 4340    Downloads: 808
Custom Grenades
3 years ago
Add incendiary and stun grenades to the game.

3 years ago by Simon-v    Views: 2798    Downloads: 1217
3 years ago
It adds a minigun, a human weapon that has a shocking 20 bullet autoshot. This number may seem totally off the scale, the weapon isnt really overpowered.

3 years ago by Solarius Scorch    Views: 2066    Downloads: 673

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