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Armored Vest
3 years ago
Adds a "tier 0" armor for your troops. This is a variation of Ryskeliini's Combat Armor Mod. Current Version: 1.4

3 years ago by Robin    Views: 4702    Downloads: 1119
Weapon Rework/Expansion
3 years ago
The X-Com Weapon Rework and Expansion aims to provide a complete visual and performance change to the original armaments along with new weapons and expanded alien item usage.

3 years ago by Rockfish    Views: 5593    Downloads: 549
Incendiary grenade
3 years ago
New grenade type - incendiary. Available for purchase.

3 years ago by Fatrat    Views: 2603    Downloads: 1147
Ryskeliinis Guns n Gadgets 1st Pack
3 years ago
Adds various TIER 0 - 1 weapons for xcom and other Gadgets. Look at the image to get the idea whats in there.

3 years ago by Ryskeliini    Views: 6088    Downloads: 575
Tactical Nuke
3 years ago
A simple mod that adds portable nuclear bombs to X-com's weapon arsenal. These bombs are Overpriced, Over-powered, and super awesome.

3 years ago by Metgame    Views: 4132    Downloads: 1134
Viper Assault Cannon
3 years ago
Heavy weapon. Inspired by Cobra Assault Cannon from Robocop movie.

3 years ago by Laika Muunen    Views: 3192    Downloads: 903
Explosive Ammo for Small Launcher
3 years ago
New explosive ammunition for Small Launcher - Elerium Bomb. Available for X-Com operatives and alien terror troops.

3 years ago by Fatrat    Views: 2005    Downloads: 807
Laser Reskin
3 years ago
This is a reskin of the laser pistol and the heavy laser to make them look a little more like the very distinctive laser rifle. None of the weapons' stats are affected. The new graphics make the laser weapons look less like military hardware and more science fiction.

3 years ago by Tentaculat Soup    Views: 3976    Downloads: 959
3 years ago
Standard issue XCom tactical shotgun with 12 gauge buck and a Reinforced Shotgun featuring semi-automatic fire mode, allowing it to fire higher velocity slugs.

3 years ago by Warboy, Ryskellini    Views: 18972    Downloads: 5214
Mass Accelerator Weapons
3 years ago
By reverse engineering alien artifacts human technology has made great advances. We have been able to weaponize technologies that seemed out of reach.

3 years ago by Tyran_nick    Views: 7159    Downloads: 1142

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