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Power Glove
2 years ago
This adds a new melee weapon to the game. It has to be researched and appears late in the game. The mod is a bit older and a re-upload.

2 years ago by Civilian    Views: 2668    Downloads: 715
Iron Man Super Suit
3 years ago
Iron Man Super Suit, research and more research, add many of the technologies that have been developed from research and combine into one porweful suit.

3 years ago by SimonBelmont    Views: 4527    Downloads: 444
Mortar Tank
3 years ago
V1.1 Mortar Tank. This Adds a HWP Mortar Tank to xcom, buyable from the start, with a 5 salvo auto shot, with an arc. max ammo is only 15. Enjoy!

3 years ago by caleafterearth    Views: 1911    Downloads: 454
Nuclear Arsenal
3 years ago
Adds a Nuclear Rocket, and a Nuclear Tank! Only good for last ditch attempt to win! Fixed!

3 years ago by caleafterearth    Views: 3168    Downloads: 782
Start With Med kit + Scanner
3 years ago
A Simple mod to start you off with the Med kit and Motion scanner , so you can just buy them from the start. They're quite expensive though, 62,000 for the Med kit, and 90,000 for the scanner. Also the Scanners Tus have been dropped considerably, because i figured it doesn't take long to glance at your scanner as reloading a weapon.

3 years ago by caleafterearth    Views: 1267    Downloads: 620
Laser Sniper Rifle
3 years ago
A Laser Sniper Rifle! Very basic concept stage, currently using laser rifle graphics, and sound. Only requires laser rifle tech to be researched. FIXED Manufacture Bug.

3 years ago by caleafterearth    Views: 8331    Downloads: 2321
Harvest - r0002
3 years ago
A Halo-themed mod that is still in development. NEXT RELEASE: More UNSC and Covenant weapons! T1 Plasma Grenade maybe! Who knows?!

3 years ago by Diemaco    Views: 2690    Downloads: 693
Snubnose Pistol
3 years ago
A classic snubnose revolver with powerful discharge and a short reach.

3 years ago by Gifty    Views: 3396    Downloads: 622
Acid Capsule Gun
3 years ago
This mod adds a new weapon to the X-com arsenal - the Acid Capsule Gun.The Acid Capsule Gun features two types of ammo: a basic acid with the same power as a Celatid spit, and an advanced acid capable of dissolving the outer walls of UFOs. Researching a Celatid corpse is required to access this weapon's research.

3 years ago by the_third_curry    Views: 2034    Downloads: 786
Armored Vest
3 years ago
Adds a "tier 0" armor for your troops. This is a variation of Ryskeliini's Combat Armor Mod. Current Version: 1.4

3 years ago by Robin    Views: 4455    Downloads: 1008

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