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[ARMOR] Alloy Armor
2 years ago
Early testing into the recovered Alien Alloys us has sparked the early access to new armor productions. Our first example is the Alloy Armor. Making a balance between Combat Armor and Personal Armor, it's a crude yet effective implementation in our arsenal. Requires 2 Alien Alloys and 20,000 dollars to produce one Alloy Armor. Works fully.

2 years ago by bloodman123726    Views: 2176    Downloads: 808
Stealth Suit
2 years ago
A special suit that cloaks the wearer making them harder to be targeted by ranged weapons. Cannot be targeted horizontally/vertically but can be diagonally.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 2905    Downloads: 882
Chemical Thrower + Toxi-Suit
2 years ago
An experimental weapon that shoots out chemicals at close range. It also comes with a matching chem armor.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 3289    Downloads: 798
Weapons Melee Tech
2 years ago
New melee weapon tech family for Xcom: the Ripper, Grinder (optional) the Auto-Axe and the Heavy Auto-Axe.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 3035    Downloads: 758
Breaching Charge
3 years ago
Adds a new piece of equipment

3 years ago by Civilian    Views: 3621    Downloads: 496
UpClose ModPack
3 years ago
The basic premise of this pack is that long range weapons are not allowed. No Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Rockets, Blaster Launchers etc. This mod adds more pistols, grenades, melee, and stun weapons.

3 years ago by IvanDogovich    Views: 3464    Downloads: 617
Heat-Ray Weapons (old version)
3 years ago
Adds two new unusual weapons to the game. Unusual in terms of damagetype/TU/cost. :-)

3 years ago by Civilian    Views: 2168    Downloads: 555
Tranquilizer Device
3 years ago
This adds a small device to the game that helps with stunned aliens (amongst other things). Sadly I could not find the creator of the original idea yet, but I will post it asap.

3 years ago by Civilian    Views: 2278    Downloads: 728
Electro Shocker
3 years ago
A replacer for the default Stun-Rod with smaller size and weight. Comes complete with all graphics.

3 years ago by Civilian    Views: 2500    Downloads: 894
Sectopods HWP
3 years ago
Alien technology has given the HWP a new lease of life. Adds 4 new HWP's to XCom's arsenal. A Hovertank Laser, a Sectopod Laser (green visor), a Sectopod Plasma (purple visor) and a Sectopod Rocket (red visor).

3 years ago by harry    Views: 1272    Downloads: 595

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