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Plasma Shotgun
2 years ago
This mod adds a Plasma Shotgun to the alien arsenal.

2 years ago by choasshade    Views: 2880    Downloads: 621
Alloy weapons
2 years ago
Adds weapons made from Alien Alloys to the game.

2 years ago by    Views: 2928    Downloads: 0
Weapon Rebalanced
2 years ago
Alomst every convetional, laser, and plasma weapon is rebalanced. Weapons of HWP and terror unit are also rebalanced. In Vanilla Xcom, auto shot is too good and aimed shot is suck. In rebalanced version, auto, snap, aimde shot are almost even and good over another only at certain circumstances.

2 years ago by cybragon    Views: 1795    Downloads: 407
Custom Suit
2 years ago
Power and Flying Suit changing its color by wearers' gender and race.

2 years ago by cybragon    Views: 2708    Downloads: 520
Sniper Rifle
3 years ago
Adds the sniper rifle from UFO:TTS to the game, and a custom variation. includes new sprites and sounds.

3 years ago by Warboy, Toshiaki2115    Views: 11454    Downloads: 3640
Weapon Rework/Expansion [Debugged]
2 years ago
This mod rebalances old weapons and adds a ton of new alien ones. It also changes the research trees to make the game a little more challenging.

2 years ago by    Views: 886    Downloads: 0
[ARMOR] Alloy Armor
2 years ago
Early testing into the recovered Alien Alloys us has sparked the early access to new armor productions. Our first example is the Alloy Armor. Making a balance between Combat Armor and Personal Armor, it's a crude yet effective implementation in our arsenal. Requires 2 Alien Alloys and 20,000 dollars to produce one Alloy Armor. Works fully.

2 years ago by bloodman123726    Views: 1917    Downloads: 661
Stealth Suit
2 years ago
A special suit that cloaks the wearer making them harder to be targeted by ranged weapons. Cannot be targeted horizontally/vertically but can be diagonally.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 2474    Downloads: 725
Chemical Thrower + Toxi-Suit
2 years ago
An experimental weapon that shoots out chemicals at close range. It also comes with a matching chem armor.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 2887    Downloads: 652
Weapons Melee Tech
2 years ago
New melee weapon tech family for Xcom: the Ripper, Grinder (optional) the Auto-Axe and the Heavy Auto-Axe.

2 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 2659    Downloads: 621

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