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Equal Terms v2.0
1 year ago
A complete rework of all 3 tech trees to expand tactical options. Wolfram Lance: Gunpowder, Alloy weapons and ad-hoc alloy armor. Coherency: Laser Weapons, constructed alloy armors Fourth State: Plasma Weapons, powerarmor

1 year ago by KingMob4313    Views: 3850    Downloads: 433
1 year ago
Adds an upgraded Psi-Amp that allows mind control at a distance, while limiting the standard Psi-Amp to LOS.

1 year ago by Emong    Views: 931    Downloads: 368
ATGM Launcher
1 year ago
A powerful guided missile launcher that can fire around obstacles, with two choices for missiles.

1 year ago by Arctic    Views: 1228    Downloads: 243
Expanded Gauss Arsenal
2 years ago
An expanded Gauss arsenal for TFTD

2 years ago by XOps    Views: 3502    Downloads: 774
[TANKS] Reaver's Tanks
1 year ago
Expands tanks into three varieties: guardian, assault, and battle tanks.

1 year ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 2377    Downloads: 431
Terran Plasma Weapons
1 year ago
The design of the extraterrestrial firearms is not oriented towards human operators, which has led X-COM engineers to come up with their own variants.

1 year ago by Shadow    Views: 0    Downloads: 0
Equal Terms v1.0
3 years ago
The purpose of this modification is give players starting weapons with real life equivalents. There are also two different armors that can be purchased, based on current armor technology. This patch also increases some explosive damages and tweaks the other weapon damages, accuracies and fire rates for the other weapons to create some sort of game balance.

3 years ago by KingMob4313    Views: 6900    Downloads: 904
2 years ago
weapons mod for 1.0 or nightly

2 years ago by morisaki0144    Views: 3108    Downloads: 573
DIsruptor Cannon
2 years ago
This mod adds a new weapon to TFTD. This is researchable after the Heavy Gauss and the Sonic Cannon.

2 years ago by tyran_nick    Views: 3015    Downloads: 365
[TFTD] Improved Particle Disturbance Sensor
2 years ago
The mod reduces TU needed for running Particle Disturbance Sensor from 25 to 5 TUs.

2 years ago by ruppertus    Views: 1398    Downloads: 0

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