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TFTD Aqua Weapons Starter Pak
3 months ago
The TFTD Aqua Weapons Starter Pak is an attempt to recreate some of the popular community-made X-COM: UFO weapons for Terror from the Deep. TFTD has very few mods, and I was sorely lacking those early game weapons, so I made my own.

3 months ago by ave369    Views: 790    Downloads: 0
5 months ago
Combat servitors (like in w40k universe)

5 months ago by Banshee    Views: 2506    Downloads: 167
Gasmask with kevlar vest
3 years ago
Gasmask with some armor. Fixed conflict with vanilla Jumpsuit (sry, found it only right now:))

3 years ago by Ryskeliini, Fox105iwsp, Banshee    Views: 2563    Downloads: 711
Grey Armored Vest
3 years ago
Armored Vest repainted.

3 years ago by Ryskeliini & Robin, Banshee - retexture    Views: 2914    Downloads: 933
Support Drones
8 months ago
Adds a army of small drones towards your X-Com arsenal.rnSupport your ground troops with small and agile drones, to gather more information and support them on the battlefield.

8 months ago by hellrazor    Views: 2062    Downloads: 411
Plasma Melee Weapons
2 years ago
Plasma Blade and Plasma Sword

2 years ago by pWWWa    Views: 4110    Downloads: 378
Reaver's Ground Weapons
2 years ago
Tweaks troop weapons and adds new automatic varieties. Adds a few new ammo types. Plus version incorporates Shadow's Terran Plasma mod, CanadianBeaver's AwesomeGuns, and some of my own artwork.

2 years ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 4187    Downloads: 586
Reaver's Air Weapons
1 year ago
Tweaks aircraft weapons and adds a few, and alters UFO attack ranges, such that air combat is more balanced.

1 year ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 0    Downloads: 0
Alien Armoury Expanded
3 years ago
Increases variability in alien weaponry by adding more items and preserving some old ones from disappearing completely after a few months.

3 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 13041    Downloads: 624
Alternate Weapon Tech
3 years ago
Inspired by XcomUtil's Alternate Laser Tech option, this mod changes laser, plasma, and fusion weaponry to make the strategic and economic game more challenging.

3 years ago by BBHood217    Views: 3613    Downloads: 310

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