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MegaVolt - TFTD Inventory Slot Mod
1 month ago
Add extra inventory slots. Reorganize current slots. Makes TU cost more realistic when you switching items between slots.

1 month ago by MegaVolt    Views: 898    Downloads: 97
Soldier Cheat stats
1 year ago
Start Game with very high Soldier stats.

1 year ago by lm2000    Views: 3719    Downloads: 1499
Vanilla Rebalanced
2 years ago
Vanilla Rebalanced aims to improve the balance of the original game without adding any new stuff. Air combat is more difficult, research requires interrogations, infantry weapons have clear roles etc., ultimately resulting in a more challenging game for experienced players without making things difficult for new players. For discussion, see the forum thread.

2 years ago by Align    Views: 2524    Downloads: 388
Hiring a trained soldier
1 year ago
This mod's allow to hire more trained soldier's or aquanauts. Better stat's are worth more money, and monthly cost.:) There are two mod's for UFO: EU and X-Com TFTD.

1 year ago by lm2000    Views: 2964    Downloads: 945
Customizable Psi/Blaster Balance
1 year ago
No more OP Psi-Amp or Blaster Launcher! This mod enables you to customize the stats of the Psi-Amp, Blaster Launcher and Hovertank/Blaster to make them less over-powered.

1 year ago by Cooper    Views: 2694    Downloads: 313
Reaver's Soldier Classes
1 year ago
Adds soldier classes which allow you to sort out your recruits more quickly. The soldiers with classes have the same attribute caps as basic soldiers. Psionics are nerfed in main version. Get the Psi version to avoid psi nerf.

1 year ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 1722    Downloads: 281
Soldier specialization
1 year ago
You can recruit inexpert rookies, regular army soldiers, freelancers and three types of elite soldiers. Also remake stat promotion mechanic.

1 year ago by DzhOKer    Views: 2325    Downloads: 689
1 year ago
Adds the capability of hiring elite soldiers to bolster your ranks without changing normal soldiers.

1 year ago by Firaa    Views: 2659    Downloads: 787
Privateer - Saving The World At A Profit
1 year ago
Zero funding.

1 year ago by Trigger    Views: 2284    Downloads: 434
M.C. Training
1 year ago
Allows soldiers to keep training via battle experience, all the way to max M.C. Strength and Bravery.

1 year ago by Grilse    Views: 2105    Downloads: 437

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