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Awesome Guns - Cities
8 months ago
Additional cities around the globe and corrected borders of countries.

8 months ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 1882    Downloads: 252
Terrain Pack
2 years ago
The Terrain Pack consists of 100+ new terrains for UFO, Terror Site and Alien Base missions, a redesigned Geoscape, new regions (oceans) and 80+ civilians, including armed allies. Version 4.1 uploaded on October 15th, 2016

2 years ago by Hobbes    Views: 17236    Downloads: 1668
Expanded Terror Reworked
1 year ago
A set of new Terror Mission Urban Mapblocks adapted from Lukes Expanded Terror Mod.

1 year ago by hellrazor    Views: 2527    Downloads: 657
Expanded Ubase Reworked
1 year ago
A rework of luke83's Expanded Ubase Mod, several Bugfixes for missing routes/nodes, fixed MCD file. Newly designed Clone Lab and Food Processing.

1 year ago by hellrazor    Views: 3749    Downloads: 851
Elerium Extraction
8 months ago
This mod adds a new base facility that enables engineers to extract small amounts of Elerium-115 from alien weapon clips. Requires research and base facility to unlock manufacturing process. Requires OpenXCOMExtended. go here:,4874.0.html

8 months ago by NowTwoDragons    Views: 0    Downloads: 0
Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants
1 year ago
A collection of 86 darkened vanilla variant UFO maps. The Madness of Aliens lurking around corners, while you storm a unfamiliar UFO. - What else can you want?

1 year ago by hellrazor    Views: 3825    Downloads: 311
Extra Battleships
1 year ago
Adds four new battleship map variants and slightly changes the vanilla battleship map.

1 year ago by Cooper    Views: 2768    Downloads: 253
Solar's New UFOs
2 years ago
A collection of completely new alien ships.

2 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 4092    Downloads: 513
Supply Ship Door
3 years ago
Adds a big cargo door to the Supply Ship to make the map more logical (and deadly).

3 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 2653    Downloads: 418
Cleaner Desert
2 years ago
Removes snakes and skulls from Desert terrain

2 years ago by Civilian    Views: 1748    Downloads: 479

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