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Alternate Graphics for Piratez Extended
1 year ago
A Collection of Alternate Inventory Images for Dioxine's Piratez Extended (Version 0.99F5 Now Up)

1 year ago by Roxis231    Views: 6329    Downloads: 77
Enclosed Personal Armor Variants
1 month ago
Gives the Heavy Personal Armor from the Personal Armor Variants mod an enclosing helmet (will add gloves and remove blonde hair sprite on female later, and I'll likely do the rest from @harald_gray's mod)

1 month ago by pinkguystesticle    Views: 876    Downloads: 84
Awesome Guns
9 months ago
If you like the original plot of the X-COM game, this modification offers the best opportunity. Awesome Guns is an awesome modification of the X-COM game with a minimal change of original game's idea and full visualization improvement!

9 months ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 3793    Downloads: 1
Red/Blue Lasers
9 months ago
gives all the lasers the same style as the laser rifle

9 months ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 1168    Downloads: 204
XCom Armor Pack
9 months ago
New inventory sprites of all armors for both genders.

9 months ago by EdSever    Views: 2914    Downloads: 363
Cooper's Smoke
1 year ago
This mod replaces the smoke graphics with less distracting ones.

1 year ago by Cooper    Views: 1711    Downloads: 161
Medal Template - Commendations
1 year ago
This is a Photoshop File that can be used for creating Medals for the Ufopedia entries in the Commendations Mod.

1 year ago by IvanDogovich    Views: 1448    Downloads: 382
Only Sleeping
1 year ago
Alternate sprites for unconscious units, unloaded weapons, and primed explosives. Requires OpenXcom Extended.

1 year ago by Firaa    Views: 2974    Downloads: 612
Improved Hand Objects
2 years ago
The mod provides a Hand Object graphic for all items in the vanilla game! No more "grenade" place holder for Medikits, Rockets, etc (because that is just silly).

2 years ago by IvanDogovich    Views: 4627    Downloads: 739
Alternative Smoke
2 years ago
A less distracting smoke animation by Robin (inspired by XCOM: Apocalypse).

2 years ago by Meridian    Views: 2975    Downloads: 485

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