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Stormrider Interceptor
2 years ago
This is an endgame interceptor to gain air superiority from those pesky UFOs

2 years ago by tyran_nick    Views: 2969    Downloads: 546
Thunderstorm Interceptor
3 years ago
New interceptor! You can research this once you have finished alien alloys. This uses mostly earth technology so it does not need Elerium-115 fuel.

3 years ago by tyran_nick    Views: 8813    Downloads: 651
2 years ago
Buff: cannon, stingray, laser cannon and fusion ball launcher.rnDebuff: avalanshe and plasma beam.

2 years ago by DzhOKer    Views: 1128    Downloads: 0
AWACS Aircraft
3 years ago
The new generation of AWACS. Latest technology allows detect all kind of targets on significant distance. v1.1: Added HAWKEYE and DARKSTAR aircrafts. v1.2: Fixed several mistakes in the ruleset. Updated sprites. v1.3: Support latest changes (after 05.05.15) in OpenXcom.

3 years ago by redv    Views: 5785    Downloads: 790
Tactical Lightning V3
2 years ago
Tactical Lightning revamps the Lightning into the perfect dropship for night ops and tactical insertions featuring Grav-Lifts and battlefield illumination.

2 years ago by x60mmx    Views: 2522    Downloads: 687
Improved Avenger v1.1
2 years ago
The Improved Avenger has a 4 wide ramp and door for quick deployment and expanded fuel for global strike range.

2 years ago by x60mmx    Views: 2541    Downloads: 548
Tactical Lightning
2 years ago
A revamp of the Lightning to be an excellent choice for the Commander in need of tactical insertion.

2 years ago by    Views: 879    Downloads: 0
3 years ago
Adds a new large scout called "Bird of Prey".

3 years ago by PolynomialRing    Views: 2465    Downloads: 789
Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh My!
3 years ago
Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh My! is a mod pack which adds a handful of new HWP to the XCOM Arsenal while rebalancing older HWP to make them more useful on the Battlefield.

3 years ago by XCOMFan417    Views: 3748    Downloads: 503
Air Combat Rebalanced
3 years ago
This mod changes the air combat balance, aiming to make UFOs more challenging, provide incentive to use different weapons together on one craft, make more craft weapons useful etc.

3 years ago by Istrebitel    Views: 4232    Downloads: 1038

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