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Variant Lightnings
8 months ago
Features alternate LIGHTNINGs you can UPGRADE from the original vanilla LIGHTNING with an additional hardpoint, more squad and HWP capacity. The vanilla LIGHTNING has been left unchanged.rnrnCurrently you can build:rn--The standard Vanilla Original Lightning rn--Lighting 12HWPrn--Lighting 16gHWPrn-- Lightning AArn--Lightning 97HL (heavy lift)rnrnBONUS craf

8 months ago by SteamXCOM    Views: 1205    Downloads: 211
Replacer Lightning 97, HWP series and more
8 months ago
Features REPLACER LIGHTNINGs one of which you select to replace the original LIGHTNING in the game; rnadding HWP capacity, letting you bring a Heavy Weapons Platform (tank) into combat.rnrnMaybe you just want a REPLACER LIGHTNING that does not change too much the original craft.

8 months ago by SteamXCOM    Views: 1208    Downloads: 200
Avenger 28 soldier
7 months ago
Avenger 28 soldier

7 months ago by Komandos    Views: 1352    Downloads: 0
Lightning and Firestorm replacement
3 years ago
This mod replaces LIGHTNING map model to allow for 18 soldiers including HWP and adds a FIRESTORM map model as is now able to carry up to a max of 6 soldiers but no HWP. This does not replace vanilla models.

3 years ago by trollworkout    Views: 1012    Downloads: 323
9 months ago
The SKYSTRIKER is a modifikation of the Skyranger Craft. Refitted with a alien alloy airframe. It is faster bigger and also has a slidedoor on the back, to deploy your troops faster.

9 months ago by hellrazor    Views: 1459    Downloads: 460
Reaver's Armada
2 years ago
Expands craft selection to a total of 8 conventional craft and 8 alien-tech craft. No new graphics.

2 years ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 5113    Downloads: 348
Lightning Image (FIX)
1 year ago
Restyling the default UFOpedia image for Lightning Craft, because it has such an ugly sky background...

1 year ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 1050    Downloads: 349
1 year ago

1 year ago by mrmmrm    Views: 908    Downloads: 0
T.f.t.D. Craft remake/reskin
2 years ago
An Updated Version for OpenXcom of Satan Claus's 'X-Com TFTD Crafts remake/reskin mod' - now includes an improved version.

2 years ago by Roxis231    Views: 3847    Downloads: 551
Alternate Lighting Thunder
3 years ago
The THUNDER is a complete replacement for the rarely used LIGHTNING. It has the same stats as it, with the exception of a Troop capacity of up to 18 Soldiers, it is also capable of bringing Tanks into combat. The map is slightly different and it lacks the door, but soldiers can also diagonally fire out of it.

3 years ago by hellrazor    Views: 2837    Downloads: 608

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