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1 week ago
A collection of mods that enhance or enrich the X-PirateZ mod.

1 week ago by IvanDogovich    Views: 385    Downloads: 13
Alien Armoury Expanded
2 years ago
Increases variability in alien weaponry by adding more items and preserving some old ones from disappearing completely after a few months.

2 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 10983    Downloads: 351
Final Mod Pack
2 years ago
This is a "megamod": a collection of about 70 mods from various authors, merged together and balanced. Besides adding a ton of content, it also makes the game longer and more varied.

2 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 48589    Downloads: 2223
1 week ago

1 week ago by Jo5hua    Views: 152    Downloads: 11
Alternate Weapon Tech
2 years ago
Inspired by XcomUtil's Alternate Laser Tech option, this mod changes laser, plasma, and fusion weaponry to make the strategic and economic game more challenging.

2 years ago by BBHood217    Views: 2528    Downloads: 14
Celebrate Diversity
4 weeks ago
This mod adds new soldier nationalities: Argentinian, Brasilian, Canadian, Iranian, Israeli, Mongolian and Ukrainian. It also contains some new names for vanilla nations and some spelling corrections. Also, if you are using the OXCE+ version of OpenXCom, national flags will be placed next to the name.

4 weeks ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 598    Downloads: 94
Awesome Guns - Nightly Patch
1 month ago
Patch for Awesome Guns modification on OpenXcom Nightly.

1 month ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 568    Downloads: 61
Awesome Guns
5 months ago
If you like the original plot of the X-COM game, this modification offers the best opportunity. Awesome Guns is an awesome modification of the X-COM game with a minimal change of original game's idea and full visualization improvement!

5 months ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 2722    Downloads: 1
Awesome Guns - Laser
5 months ago
The laser weapons have been drawn in details. Also, the Laser weapons have a great accuracy, but due to the overheating is not able to conduct a quick fire. The heavy laser has been turned into a laser shotgun. The Laser Sword was implemented.

5 months ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 1783    Downloads: 54
Awesome Guns - Cities
5 months ago
Additional cities around the globe and corrected borders of countries.

5 months ago by CanadianBeaver    Views: 1443    Downloads: 156

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