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Vanilla Rebalanced
1 year ago
Vanilla Rebalanced aims to improve the balance of the original game without adding any new stuff. Air combat is more difficult, research requires interrogations, infantry weapons have clear roles etc., ultimately resulting in a more challenging game for experienced players without making things difficult for new players. For discussion, see the forum thread.

1 year ago by Align    Views: 1954    Downloads: 388
Reaver's Armada
1 year ago
Expands craft selection to a total of 8 conventional craft and 8 alien-tech craft. No new graphics.

1 year ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 3798    Downloads: 31
Reaver's Ground Weapons
1 year ago
Tweaks troop weapons and adds new automatic varieties. Adds a few new ammo types. Plus version incorporates Shadow's Terran Plasma mod, CanadianBeaver's AwesomeGuns, and some of my own artwork.

1 year ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 3086    Downloads: 425
Red/Blue Lasers
6 months ago
gives all the lasers the same style as the laser rifle

6 months ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 904    Downloads: 169
Reaver's Air Weapons
2 weeks ago
Tweaks aircraft weapons and adds a few, and alters UFO attack ranges, such that air combat is more balanced.

2 weeks ago by The Reaver of Darkness    Views: 0    Downloads: 0
2 weeks ago
Very simple mod which removes the very long two part Cruise Ship/Shipping lane terror mission from TFTD.

2 weeks ago by snicmtl    Views: 536    Downloads: 0
OpenXcom Extended
2 years ago
Extended version of OpenXcom. New functionality for mod authors.

2 years ago by Yankes    Views: 17984    Downloads: 169
Final Mod Pack
2 years ago
This is a "megamod": a collection of about 70 mods from various authors, merged together and balanced. Besides adding a ton of content, it also makes the game longer and more varied.

2 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 52710    Downloads: 800
Shadics armors colored
2 years ago
With this mod, now you can have your own colour squad! Like in the newest Xcom!

2 years ago by shadics    Views: 4897    Downloads: 66
Soldier Cheat stats
1 year ago
Start Game with very hight Soldier stats.

1 year ago by lm2000    Views: 2924    Downloads: 1163

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