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Hardmode Expansion
2 years ago
"Commander, you are hereby called forth to defend Earth against the alien invaders. To fight for the freedom of humanity. By authority of the UN Counsel you are hereby put in charge of the X-Com project." Be ready for a unique X-Com experience with this expansion and difficulty Mod.

2 years ago by hellrazor    Views: 7581    Downloads: 9
1 day ago
The SKYSTRIKER is a modifikation of the Skyranger Craft. Refitted with a alien alloy airframe. It is faster bigger and also has a slidedoor on the back, to deploy your troops faster.

1 day ago by hellrazor    Views: 60    Downloads: 11
Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants
1 year ago
A collection of 86 darkened vanilla variant UFO maps. The Madness of Aliens lurking around corners, while you storm a unfamiliar UFO. - What else can you want?

1 year ago by hellrazor    Views: 3932    Downloads: 9
Expanded Terror Reworked
1 year ago
A set of new Terror Mission Urban Mapblocks adapted from Lukes Expanded Terror Mod.

1 year ago by hellrazor    Views: 2604    Downloads: 704
Expanded Ubase Reworked
2 years ago
A rework of luke83's Expanded Ubase Mod, several Bugfixes for missing routes/nodes, fixed MCD file. Newly designed Clone Lab and Food Processing.

2 years ago by hellrazor    Views: 3861    Downloads: 899
Celebrate Diversity
5 months ago
This mod adds new soldier nationalities: Argentinian, Brasilian, Canadian, Iranian, Israeli, Mongolian and Ukrainian. It also contains some new names for vanilla nations and some spelling corrections. Also, if you are using the OXCE+ version of OpenXCom, national flags will be placed next to the name.

5 months ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 1446    Downloads: 281
4 months ago
A collection of mods that enhance or enrich the X-PirateZ mod.

4 months ago by IvanDogovich    Views: 2663    Downloads: 143
Area 51
2 years ago
Expansion for the original game using the latest nightlies. Little has been changed of the original's mechanics and stats, but a ton of new content has been added. Version 0.94 released on May 2nd, 2017 (to download check the description)

2 years ago by Hobbes    Views: 19553    Downloads: 688
Plasma Melee Weapons
1 year ago
Plasma Blade and Plasma Sword

1 year ago by pWWWa    Views: 3396    Downloads: 243
Final Mod Pack
2 years ago
This is a "megamod": a collection of about 70 mods from various authors, merged together and balanced. Besides adding a ton of content, it also makes the game longer and more varied.

2 years ago by SolariusScorch    Views: 56761    Downloads: 1429

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