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UpClose ModPack
The basic premise of this pack is that long range weapons are not allowed. No Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Rockets, Blaster Launchers etc. This mod adds more pistols, grenades, melee, and stun weapons.

Mod Information

Designed to be used with a Challenge Ruleset ("Up Close and Personal:" Pistols, Grenades, and Melee Only), the UpClose ModPack is designed to collect some of the best mods in the community and add a few unique ones.  I will be using this set of rules and this modpack in my "Let's Play OpenXcom: Up Close and Personal" series on YouTube.

What this mod adds is:  (Created by Ivan Dogovich)

- Dart Pistol  (Stun damage in a pistol  - Requires Research)
- Flashbang Grenades (A stun grenade to complement those made by converting stun bombs from the launchers. - Requires Research)
- Blaster Pack  (An IED made from 1 Blaster Bomb and 1 HE Pack.  Packs a nice punch.   )
- Zapper  (An improved/smaller Stun Rod. - Requires Research)


This mod also Borrows: 

- Tazer (Ryskeliinis Guns N Gadgets 1st Pack -  http://www.openxcom.com/mod/ryskeliinis-guns-n-gadgets-1st-pack)
- Scout Drone  (Ryskeliinis Guns N Gadgets 1st Pack  - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/ryskeliinis-guns-n-gadgets-1st-pack)
- Elerium Mace (Tyran_nick's   - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/elerium-mace)
- Fusion Torch (Ran's  http://www.openxcom.com/mod/fusion-torch)
- Stun Grenade (Murmur's    - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/stun-grenade )
- Combat Knife (Warboy's  - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/combat-knife) Now balanced after a discussion with him in chat.

Included in the Modpack are individual rules for all of the various items.  Some effort has been made to balance the modset, so values have often been modified away from the initial author's settings.

I look forward to this challenging game and invite you to join me in it.  Feel free to use/modify any of the mods created by me.

Install Instructions


1. Drag and drop Resources/UpClose folder from the zip into resources folder

e.g C:OpenXcom 1.0dataResourcesUpClose

2. Drag and drop Ruleset/UpClose_ModPack.rul into Ruleset folder

e.g C:OpenXcom 1.0dataRulesetUpClose_ModPack.rul

3. Open Openxcom and go to options. Select Mods tab and from there activate


4. Play and have fun!



  • Ryskeliinis Guns N Gadgets 1st Pack - Tazer http://www.openxcom.com/mod/ryskeliinis-guns-n-gadgets-1st-pack
  • Ryskeliinis Guns N Gadgets 1st Pack - Scout Drone  http://www.openxcom.com/mod/ryskeliinis-guns-n-gadgets-1st-pack
  • Tyran_nick's Elerium Mace http://www.openxcom.com/mod/elerium-mace
  • Ran's Fusion Torch http://www.openxcom.com/mod/fusion-torch
  • Murmur's Stun Grenade   - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/stun-grenade
  • Warboy's Combat Knife - http://www.openxcom.com/mod/combat-knife
  • Dioxine for images for dart pistol and Solarius Scorch for the ruleset for the Dart Rifle.
  • FatRat and Roxiz231 for inspiring the Flashbang grenade and borrowed graphics.
  • Infiini for provided a complete French translation! (Merci beaucoup!)

And big thanks to Openxcom community!




This modpack was designed it fit a specific challenge ruleset that I created for myself.  

Recognizing the Three OP Strategies in the original game of :

  • "Get Heavy Plasma: Kill All The Things"
  • "Get Blaster Launcher: Blow Up All The Things"
  • "Get Psi Amp: Dominate All The Things"

... I looked for a way to make the game more challenging and interesting.  Many of the mods in the community add more weapons and items and some may just make another "OP: All The Things" scenario.  

I tried to avoid that.   I created a scenario for myself that said: "Long Guns Are Bad.  Pistols, Grenades, and Melee Only."  This should certainly avoid many of those previous OP Strategies, (and I'll be playing with LOS/Psi to avoid the third).  I looked for mods in the community that would complement this challenge, and developed some of my own, to go along with them.

The modding community greatly inspired me with the flexibility the outstanding developers have designed into the game. 


As I am an English speaker, I can only trully account for the English translations.  Any and all translation help would be greatly appreciated.  Where possible, I have included original mod translations in the ModPack.

- Complete French now available with version 1.01 thanks to Infini!


Version 1.1 adds a balance tweak to the combat knife after discussing it with Warboy in chat, and a refined Ufopedia entry for the dart pistol

Version 1.2 adds a "Hit" sound to the knife to allow for better feedback when using it.

Version 1.25 of the Combat Knife also and a single spritesheet for better Linux compatibility. 

Version 1.26 - updated the path for the Combat KnifeSlice sound.



Cheers, Ivan :D


   CombatKnifeID.zip 10/13/2014 1.26 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Updated KnifeSlice Sound path.</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 75 228.73 KB

Filename: CombatKnifeID.zip
Uploaded: 10/13/2014
File Size: 228.73 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Updated KnifeSlice Sound path.
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   UpClose_ModPack.zip 09/26/2014 1.2 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 39 656.96 KB

Filename: UpClose_ModPack.zip
Uploaded: 09/26/2014
File Size: 656.96 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

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We strapped two bombs together.
This represents the best of our human ingenuity!
Huraaah for us!
13th October 2014 3:56pm
Just be careful not to get caught in the blast! Tongue
I get to test them out in my series, for the first time, tomorrow! Gonna peel back the lid of a supply UFO. Grin
15th November 2014 11:56pm
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