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Tactical Lightning
A revamp of the Lightning to be an excellent choice for the Commander in need of tactical insertion.

Mod Information

My Tactical Lightning mod makes the Lightning not only viable for play, but an excellent choice in many scenarios.  It's fuel capacity has been greatly expanded to allow for global range, can carry a single HWP, and now uses Grav-Lifts for deployment.  The Grav-lifts can deploy units both below the Lightning or onto it's roof and denies enemies the ability to fire into the craft.  The ability to drop soldiers down behind one of the landing wheels for cover or onto the roof for quick sniper positioning gives the Lightning some weight behind it's name.  Lighting fast tactical deployment is the name of the game here and this craft excels at it.  The craft now carries up to 8 soldiers or up to 4 soldiers and 1 HWP.  It is extremely powerful in the hands of experienced and smart commanders while allowing the Skyranger and Avenger to excel in battles where larger numbers of soldiers and HWPs are called for.  Other changes you should be aware of is the expanded manufacturing requirement of 50 Elerium and the fact that if you choose to take it for long flights it will need more Elerium than the vanilla craft did for re-fuelling.  Lastly, the map size for the Lightning is now 10x10 as opposed to 20x10, so you may find yourself landing in areas that previously would have been too tight for landing.

NOTE:  This mod requires replacing the vanilla Lightning files, I really don't care to take the time to make it otherwise.  So if you feel you may want to go back to the vanilla (barf), back up the files which will be replaced.  If someone wants to tweak my mod to do otherwise, let me know and I will update it and give full credit.




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