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Reaver's Soldier Classes
Adds soldier classes which allow you to sort out your recruits more quickly. The soldiers with classes have the same attribute caps as basic soldiers. Psionics are nerfed in main version. Get the Psi version to avoid psi nerf.

  • Reaver's Soldier Classes
Mod Information

This is a simple mod which adds new soldier "classes" to enable you to streamline your hiring process. The class soldiers have the same maximum attributes as your basic soldiers but some of their minimum attributes are increased. They cost more and will perform better initially, but over the long term basic soldiers are just as good yet cheaper.

Once you have purchased soldiers, they lose their class designation, and you will only see their name and attributes. You can still see how many you have of each class in the monthly costs, and you can also re-name them to mark them with their class if you want to.

The main version of this mod nerfs the psionics ability of your soldiers, because I believe that X-Com psionics are far too strong. You will still be able to take control of weaker aliens but you will probably never be mind controlling Ethereal Commanders. Maximum psi strength and psi skill have both been reduced from 100 to 60.
If you don't want the psi nerf, you can instead download the psi version of the mod, which maintains the original psi maximums of 100.


[b]Breacher[/b]: frontline soldier
Breachers are good for putting at the front of your formation. They are the ones you would send to enter buildings or UFOs, or go around unexplored corners. These soldiers excel at close combat.
[u]Attribute advantages[/u]
Stamina: minor
Health: moderate
Reactions: major
Melee Accuracy: moderate

[b]Ranger[/b]: field scout
Rangers are highly mobile and thus excellent for covering ground. They can explore terrain quickly and provide strategic support for other units.
[u]Attribute advantages[/u]
Time Units: moderate
Energy: moderate
Firing Accuracy: minor
Throwing Accuracy: minor
Strength: minor

[b]Sniper[/b]: high-accuracy shooter
Snipers can seek out a good vantage point with some cover and a wide field of view. From there they will be able to safely pick off aliens that your other soldiers reveal.
[u]Attribute advantages[/u]
Reactions: minor
Firing Accuracy: major

[b]Heavy[/b]: heavy weapons specialist
Heavies are trained to use the heavy, cumbersome weapons. Those weapons are powerful yet unwieldy and dangerous. Heavy soldiers can handle such weapons much better than most soldiers can.
Note: Heavies have their base max reactions reduced, which makes them less likely to fire powerful weapons in an unsafe manner.
[u]Attribute advantages[/u]
Health: minor
Reactions: disadvantaged
Firing Accuracy: minor
Throwing Accuracy: minor
Strength: moderate

[b]Elite[/b]: all-round high attributes
Elite soldiers are the most expensive class, and simply have higher minimum values in all attribute ranges. They are a bit expensive for their value, but you can rest assured that no elite soldier will ever have an attribute hole.
[u]Attribute advantages[/u]
Time Units: minor
Stamina: minor
Health: minor
Bravery: minor
Reactions: minor
Firing Accuracy: minor
Throwing Accuracy: minor
Strength: minor
Melee Accuracy: minor

Install Instructions

standard installation, put the mod folder into your OpenXcom mods folder


   ReaverXcom SoldierClassesPsi.zip 07/19/2016 1.0 Nightly 11/27/15 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>adds soldier classes</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 84 2.03 KB

Filename: ReaverXcom SoldierClassesPsi.zip
Uploaded: 07/19/2016
File Size: 2.03 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • adds soldier classes
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   ReaverXcom SoldierClasses.zip 07/19/2016 1.0 Nightly 11/27/15 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>adds soldier classes</li> <li>nerfs xcom psionics</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 62 1.96 KB

Filename: ReaverXcom SoldierClasses.zip
Uploaded: 07/19/2016
File Size: 1.96 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • adds soldier classes
  • nerfs xcom psionics
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