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Reaver's Ground Weapons
Tweaks troop weapons and adds new automatic varieties. Adds a few new ammo types. Plus version incorporates Shadow's Terran Plasma mod.

Mod Information

This mod adjusts the firing accuracy and time unit costs of the weapons as well as their power in slight ways, and then adds several new weapons, primarily including automatic weapons.  The three weapon lines (conventional, laser, and plasma) now all have two pistols, two rifles, and two heavies--one automatic and the other semi-auto. The semi-auto rifles retain an auto shot but it has poor accuracy, while the semi pistols and heavies do not have auto shot.

I've also added a few new ammunition types to your arsenal:
Alien Rockets - after researching alien grenades, you can upgrade your rocket launcher's power significantly
Fusion Rockets - after researching blaster bombs, you can build an extremely powerful rocket

In addition to this, you can manufacture conventional-payload ammunition for both the Small Launcher and the Blaster Launcher.

Aliens use only the semi-automatic weapons, so they're less likely to use auto shots on you, but beware because the power of the Heavy Plasma and Plasma Pistol have been increased!

Shadow's Terran Plasma Weapons

Shadow released a neat little mod adding new graphics to the plasma weapons as well as forcing the player to manufacture human-designed variants in order to use them. This makes it significantly more difficult to equip your squad with plasma.

I have incorporated his mod into the plus version of this mod, with a few changes and a twist: you must spend alien plasma weapons in the manufacturing process for terran plasma weapons. Automatic weapons are more expensive: you must spend 2 alien plasma weapons to get 1 automatic weapon. I also used my own values on weapon attributes, sell/manufacture costs, etc. The automatic plasma weapons keep the old graphics, making them look unique from the other plasma weapons, which is nice. In my mod, the terran plasma weapons have the same attributes as the alien plasma weapons.

Some other notable changes:
Manufacturing costs have been tweaked in keeping with my new manufacturing profit model. This will match my other Reaver's X mods.
All of the semi-automatic pistols have been buffed significantly.
The laser weapons are all very accurate but have a lower fire rate. The laser rifle's aimed shot is incredibly accurate.
The heavy weapons have all had their power increased, especially the heavy laser.
The small launcher has a very low snap shot time unit cost, making it possible to fire three times in one turn. The ammunition for it is now cheaper and lighter.


   ReaverXcom 12/23/2015 1.0+ Nightly 11/27/15 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>incorporated Shadow&#39;s mod</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 401 17.90 KB

Filename: ReaverXcom
Uploaded: 12/23/2015
File Size: 17.90 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • incorporated Shadow's mod
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   ReaverXcom 12/23/2015 1.0 Nightly 11/27/15 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Tweaked ground weapons</li> <li>Added automatic weapons</li> <li>Added new ammo types</li></ul> 240 7.71 KB

Filename: ReaverXcom
Uploaded: 12/23/2015
File Size: 7.71 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Tweaked ground weapons
  • Added automatic weapons
  • Added new ammo types
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