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Quick-Draw Hip Slot
Adds a quick-draw holster to the soldier inventory space allowing fast access from holster-to-hand [0-TUs] and hand-to-holster [2-TUs].

Mod Information

What is this mod?:
Adds a quick-draw holster to the soldier inventory space.
Allowing fast access from holster-to-hand [0-TUs] and hand-to-holster [2-TUs]
Ideal for medkits and sidearms.

-- Layout A uses space from the belt does not give extra inventory --
-- Layout B adds the holster as extra space in addition to everything else --

How to Install a ruleset/mod:
- download your mod containing the ruleset OXC Quickdraw/Quickdraw.rul in this case
- move the relevant .rul into the OpenXComs Ruleset folder. Move any extra resources into the Resources folder.
- make sure to update your options.cnfg by adding the name of the new ruleset at the bottom/end like so:
  '  - QuickdrawA' and save changes.

- there is a general problem with accessing the inventory screen from the equipcraft/basescape.
  It corrects itself once you get into a mission, you can also try making the craft refuel.
  It's not game breaking/doesn't cause a crash so you shouldn't need to worry.

Feel free to use/reuse/spread/change/include/pumpkin this mod any way you see fit.


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Uploaded: 03/12/2014
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Version Release

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Updated: 4 years ago
Author: Arpia
Added: March 10, 2014 10:57 PM

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