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This mod introduces a new alien race that tries to both make the game more challenging and find a new purpose for Sectoids. Most of us who've played the game have asked ourselves questions like why don't the aliens wear body armor? Why are Sectoid soldiers so weak? Why don't the aliens use more area-effect weapons? More after the spoiler alert.

Mod Information

Mechtoids - OpenXcom MOD

This mod introduces a new alien race that tries to both make the game more challenging and find a new purpose for Sectoids. Most of us who've played the game for some time have asked ourselves questions like why don't the aliens wear body armor? Why are Sectoid soldiers so weak compared to my veterans? Why don't the aliens use more area-effect weapons? This mod tries to offer a glimpse at what such a situation is like. So what is inside?

Tougher, better armed, deadlier aliens. Some new weapons. Nasty - although I hope not too nasty - surprises. More details after the spoiler warning :-)

Be warned that this mod modifies alien item levels. I'm using three item levels and I've defined four, so it should be compatible with other alienitemlevel-modifying mods, but one never knows. And you'll have to decide which version of the alienitemlevels table you wish to use. Mechtoid terror mission use urban terrain and all Mechtoid missions assume 4 height levels in battlescape maps, so some terrain mods might cause problems and/or require a bit of tweaking.


If you want to let the content of this mod surprise you, at least during your first game using it, don't read on. You've been warned.


So, first the general overview. Mechtoids are Sectoid cyborgs who are toying with the idea that psionics are not always the answer. They have faced the humans, or they've read the reports and don't like the results. They see that at least some humans are surprisingly resistant to psionic powers. So they've managed to convince their superiors to allocate some resources towards improving technologies long considered unimportant. And many of them are a little bit crazy, even by alien standards, so not all their experiments are entirely sensible. What do they have now?

Mechtoid Soldiers
Taller, stronger, better than unaugmented Sectoids. They wear light powersuits, better armored than Personal Armor and somewhat more resistant to plasma - after all, plasma weapons have been the aliens' main weapons technology for who knows how long, so it is a damage type they fear most. They are not as dangerous as some of the vanilla aliens but definitely much tougher than Sectoids.

Mechtoid Marines
Even better and tougher than Soldiers, although the difference is not that great. You can expect to find them more often inside their ships and for this reason they don't use weapons that could penetrate their hulls. But even a guy in a flying suit can die to plasma rifle fire. Like with Soldiers, low hit points mean a good hit will often kill them but they are far tougher than naked Sectoids.

Mechtoid Burner
A failed experiment and a career for crazy Mechtoids. These guys live to set the world on fire (or burn it with acid). Fear them if you've got weak armor, enjoy the fireshow if you're fireproof.

Mechtoid Medic
These guys worship Mutons. Yes, they've helped create the Mechtoid implants and yes, they keep on being useful. But hey're wearing bioarmor that's half armor, half living tissue. Their stun weapons are stronger than the Small Launcher but definitely not as dangerous as say heavy plasma to the face.

Mechtoid Commando
Semi-invisible guys with light armor and distortion fields. Your best bet is explosives or good aim. And they are leaders, so they've got some psionic capabilities too.

Mechtoid Battlesuit
The toughest of the bunch, even tougher than a flying suit. Most likely armed with a Heavy Plasma or a launcher with plasma rockets. This is what SOTA alien military technology can look like.

Remember Biodrones? These are their grandfathers, bulkier and based on Sectoid brains. They will not shoot you but they will try to implant Chrysalid eggs into your soldiers. Shoot on sight.

Looks like a Weapondrone, built around a Sectoid psionic. So instead of zombifying you, they will try to make your soldiers shoot their comrades.

Now about Mechtoid weapons>

Rapid-fire stun weapon. More dangerous than a small launcher but not *that* dangerous, considering stunned soldiers can be reawakened.

Mechtoid Launcher
Weaker than a blaster launcher but much cheaper and therefore more widely used. Blaster launchers in alien hands are nearly useless in the vanilla games and we tend to be happy about that because they are *really* powerful. Mechtoid launchers are intended to be weak enough for the game to remain playable but powerful enough to make you fear them.

Crazy weapons for crazy aliens. This weapon is designed to set the map on fire and create wild explosions that are not that dangerous. Acid clips make it more dangerous but only a fraction of Burners will use those.


Install Instructions

unzip inside the mods folder (unzip inside the OpenXcomdata folder if using pre 0.6 mod version and an older executable)

Activate the mod from the "Options" menu, inside the game.

The mod should be compatible with most other mods out there so far.




- updated 0.6 to make the mod compatible with other mods that use up to 5 alien item levels; such mods need to be loaded *after* this mod as this one defines just 3 levels like the vanilla game

-added a subversion designed to work with mods that use five to seven alien item levels; not intended for vanilla games because some equipment would never show up in Mechtoid hands



- updated to work with new modding framework

- minor tweaks to some values

- corrected missing itemlevel in two missions
- minor tweaks to some values
- minor tweaks to Scorcher graphics

- first version, to test the mod and hear people's opinions.



Chiko - sniper plasma rifle sprite, which I've used to create the electrolaser


   Mechtoids_0.62_7_item_levels.zip 07/24/2015 0.62, 5-7 itemlevels 0957 Nightly+ <p>one more reupload</p> 55 307.11 KB

Filename: Mechtoids_0.62_7_item_levels.zip
Uploaded: 07/24/2015
File Size: 307.11 KB

Change Log:

one more reupload

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   Mechtoids_0.62.zip 07/22/2015 0.62 0957 Nightly+ <p>another reupload</p> 44 306.86 KB

Filename: Mechtoids_0.62.zip
Uploaded: 07/22/2015
File Size: 306.86 KB

Change Log:

another reupload

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   Mechtoids 0.6.zip 07/20/2015 0.6 0957 Nightly <p>Updated to work with new modding framework, minor tweaks to some values.</p> 42 306.74 KB

Filename: Mechtoids 0.6.zip
Uploaded: 07/20/2015
File Size: 306.74 KB

Change Log:

Updated to work with new modding framework, minor tweaks to some values.

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   Mechtoids 0.51.zip 08/16/2014 0.51 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 42 310.51 KB

Filename: Mechtoids 0.51.zip
Uploaded: 08/16/2014
File Size: 310.51 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

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   Mechtoids 0.5.zip 08/04/2014 0.5 1.0 <p>0.5<br /> - first version, to test the mod and hear people&#39;s opinions.</p> 40 310.88 KB

Filename: Mechtoids 0.5.zip
Uploaded: 08/04/2014
File Size: 310.88 KB

Change Log:

- first version, to test the mod and hear people's opinions.

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