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Laser Sniper Rifle
A Laser Sniper Rifle! Very basic concept stage, currently using laser rifle graphics, and sound. Only requires laser rifle tech to be researched. FIXED Manufacture Bug.

Mod Information

Laser Sniper Rifle - By CaleAfterEarth

Version 0.1A

Well, seems as no one else has made a Laser Sniper rifle (or plasma!), i took it upon myself to make one!

This is just a rough outline for it, but i thought i'd share it, to get feedback on balancing and what not!
Its currently using the Laser Rifle graphics, sound, and other bits, and the only languages are en-US, and en-GB, because i only speak english!

Anyway, this rifle, has an extended range, and very high accuracy over longer distances, and higher damage over the regualr laser rifle. However its much worse at shorter ranges (below 5 tiles currently). Also it uses a lot of Tu's to do an aimed shot, in most cases, you cant move far, and shoot!
It also has no Auto Shot, so no rapid fire sniping here!

The only requirments for these are researching the laser rifle. hopefully.

Please report any issues you have, as i've only tested it once!
I hope you enjoy it, feel free to do the hard work of making new graphics for me, because i frankly have no idea what i'm doing!

Plasma Sniper Rifle next!

Install Instructions

Just extract these files to your data folder, then activate in game.


Size 08/30/2014 0.1A 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Fixed Manufacturing Bug</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 2421 2.30 KB

Uploaded: 08/30/2014
File Size: 2.30 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Fixed Manufacturing Bug
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