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Improved Hand Objects
The mod provides a Hand Object graphic for all items in the vanilla game! No more "grenade" place holder for Medikits, Rockets, etc (because that is just silly).

Mod Information

It started out simple.  Frustrated with the silliness of a grenade representing tons of items in the game, I created a Medikit Handob mod, to portray the Medikit in the hand.  The HE Pack followed, and then the Motion Scanner.  

Why stop there?  Ok. All vanilla items now have their own custom Hand Object courtesy of this mod.

These include:

Medikit Electro Flare Stun Bomb Auto Cannon Clips (AP, HE, IN) Pistol Clip
Motion Scanner Proximity Grenade Blaster Bomb Heavy Cannon Clips (AP, HE, IN) Rifle Clip
Mindprobe High Explosive Pack All rockets (SM, LG, IN)   Plasma Pistol Clip
  Alien Grenade     Plasma Rifle Clip
  Smoke Grenade     Heavy Plasma Clip


YouTube Review:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvGDGO1AjOc

Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/a/AXPFU

(The previosly released Medikit, High Explosive, and Motion Scanner HanbOb mods are included in this pack)

(I am not planning on adding Corpse objects at this time.)

(Edit: with v 1.1 I have added graphics for Elerium that can be picked up in certain circumstances from destroyed powersupplies)


Install Instructions

V1.1 = Installation for OpenXcom Milestone:

1. Drag and drop ImprovedHandObs folder from the zip into resources folder

e.g C:>OpenXcom>data>Resources>ImprovedHandObs

2. Drag and drop Improved_HandOb.rul into Ruleset folder

e.g C:>OpenXcom>data>Ruleset>Improved_HandOb.rul

3. Open Openxcom and go to options. Select Mods tab and from there activate


4. Play and have fun!


V1.2 = Installation for OpenXcom Nightly:

1. Drag and drop ImprovedHandObs folder from the zip into (user directory)/mods/ folder

e.g C:UsersusernameDocumentsOpenXcommods  (for Windows)

2. Open Openxcom and go to options. Select Mods tab and from there activate


3. Play and have fun!


V 1.2  Repackaged the modpack to work with the post May 7, 2015 Nightly folder structure.

v 1.1: Added Elerium Handob and Floorob Graphics


Frustrated by the Standard Grenade being substituted for a ridiculous amount of
items, I took matters into my own hands.  I started with the Medikit because its
always nice to find the guy carrying one when you have a trooper wounded.
It took on a life of its own until what you have before you is a complete collection
of alternate (better and improved) handobjects for all vanilla items.
Cheers~! Ivan Dogovich

Feel Free to use any and all parts of this mod in any way you chose.



   ImprovedHandObsPack1.2.zip 05/18/2015 1.2 Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>V 1.2 - repackaged for current nightly folder structure</li></ul> 84 36.62 KB

Filename: ImprovedHandObsPack1.2.zip
Uploaded: 05/18/2015
File Size: 36.62 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • V 1.2 - repackaged for current nightly folder structure
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   ImprovedHandObsPack1.1.zip 01/31/2015 1.1 1.0 or nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Added Elerium Handob&nbsp;graphics</li> <li>Added Elerium Floorob graphics</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 63 33.37 KB

Filename: ImprovedHandObsPack1.1.zip
Uploaded: 01/31/2015
File Size: 33.37 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Added Elerium Handob graphics
  • Added Elerium Floorob graphics
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   ImprovedHandObsPack.zip 01/16/2015 1.0 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Should be compatible with all version of OpenXcom, Milestone or Nightly</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 42 31.24 KB

Filename: ImprovedHandObsPack.zip
Uploaded: 01/16/2015
File Size: 31.24 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Should be compatible with all version of OpenXcom, Milestone or Nightly
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Great mod.
4th October 2015 1:27pm
A simple, reliable mod that took much, MUCH too long to come into existence.

Ivan, thank you for delivering this must have to us!
19th February 2015 2:18am
You are very welcome, my friend! Grin
24th February 2015 4:38pm
really good dude! Grin
20th January 2015 5:32pm
Thanks a ton, Shadics!
20th January 2015 7:28pm
16th January 2015 12:45pm
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