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High Quality Sounds
A pack that adds higher quality sound effects and more sound variety.

  • High Quality Sounds
Mod Information

This pack of sound effects was initialy put together by me for "UFO:The Two Side" game some time ago. Version 0.9 was a quick port to OpenXCom, but it lacked many sound files. Since version 1.0 mod covers all of the old sounds + adds some more (like different launch sounds for craft missiles, separate fire effects for pistols/rifles/heavy guns...).

I made this mod mainly for myself, since I love playing on headphones and those old cracky sounds just spoiled much of the gameplay fun for me. I thought I'll share it, hopefully some othe people will find it usefull.


Works with OpenXCom 1.0 as well as with latest nightly builds and Final Mod Pack - see installation instructions.



This pack doesn't actually REPLACE old sounds. Original sounds are still there, and if you won't like this new sounds, you'll just have to disable the mod in game options.

Install Instructions


OpenXCom v.1.0:
- Copy "Ruleset" and "Resources" directories into your OpenXCom "data" folder. Launch the game, go to game options, and enable the "HQSounds" mod in the "mods" section.

OpenXCom latest nightly builds:
- Copy the whole "HQSounds" directory into "DocumentsOpenXCommods" folder. Launch the game, go to game options, and enable the "High Quality Sounds" mod in the "mods" section.

Final Mod Pack version:
- Copy the whole "HQSounds FMP" directory into "DocumentsOpenXCommods" folder. Launch the game, go to game options, and enable the "FMP High Quality Sounds" mod in the "mods" section. Make sure this mod is loaded AFTER Final Mod Pack.



Version 0.9
- initial release - quick port from UFO:TTS game. Many sound files missing.

Version 1.0
- added all missing sounds + some more
- changed general approach, trying to make the sounds more scary and better fitting for intense X-Com atmosphere
- changed volume of most of the new sounds, so they better match original sounds now
- [Geoscape] added different launch sounds for Avalanche and Stingray missiles
- [Geoscape] changed loud UFO attack sound from laser (default in OpenXCom) to more subtle one
- [Geoscape] swapped UFO hit and X-Com craft hit sounds (since they're swapped in OpenXCom comparing to UFO:EU sound documentation)
- [Geoscape] added X-Com craft destroy sound
- [Geoscape] tweaked Cannon sound
- [Battlescape] added all missing sounds
- [Battlescape] changed many sounds to make them fit the game better
- [Battlescape] added new fire sounds for each basic gun (pistol, rifle, heavy cannon, auto cannon)
- [Battlescape] added new fire sounds for each laser and plasma variant (pistol, rifle, heavy)
- [Battlescape] added new hit effects for plasma and autocannon
- [Battlescape] added a lot of new alien death/scream/attack sound effects so that each alien would have his own set of sounds

Version 1.0 for Final Mod Pack
- [Final Mod Pack] added Gauss Cannon Geoscape sound
- [Final Mod Pack] added new sounds for most of the new weapons (Sniper, Heavy Sniper, Laser/Plasma Sniper, Shotguns, Magnum, Hunting Rifle, Dartgun, Taser, Grenade Launcher, Gauss Weapons)
- [Final Mod Pack] added new sounds for tanks, hovertanks, sectopods...
- [Final Mod Pack] added few new death screams for some of the new aliens
- [Final Mod Pack] added new sounds for Attack Dog


   HQSounds 1.0 06/19/2015 1.0 Final Mod Pack FMP v1.5.2 or higher <p>Version 1.0 for Final Mod Pack</p> 3744 3.38 MB

Filename: HQSounds 1.0
Uploaded: 06/19/2015
File Size: 3.38 MB

Change Log:

Version 1.0 for Final Mod Pack

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   HQSounds 06/17/2015 1.0 1.0 and Nightly <p>Version 1.0</p> 1402 2.44 MB

Filename: HQSounds
Uploaded: 06/17/2015
File Size: 2.44 MB

Change Log:

Version 1.0

Click anywhere to close. 07/01/2014 0.9 1.0 <p>Initial release (Ufo:TTS conversion)</p> 2504 918.09 KB

Uploaded: 07/01/2014
File Size: 918.09 KB

Change Log:

Initial release (Ufo:TTS conversion)

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