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Gifty's New X-COM Music!
All-new soundtrack in the style of 90s tracker music, reminiscent of Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, Crusader series, etc.

  • Gifty's New X-COM Music!
Mod Information

After 100+ hours of OpenXcom I could hear the soundtrack in my sleep, so I decided to freshen things up and write some new music myself! If you're a fan of the tracker-based music of the early 90s, you'll recognize the style immediately; stuff like Jazz Jackrabbit, Crusader: No Remose, Unreal, etc. This soundtrack was deliberately designed to echo that sound and send you back in time. I hope you enjoy it!


Sample Tracks: (note: quality is better in-game)

Geoscape Theme 2

Interception Theme

Battlescape Theme 1


Install Instructions

Zip file contains a SOUND folder; simply drag that folder into your OpenXcom directory and replace the SOUND folder that's already there. Easy! (You may want to back up the original music beforehand in case my music starts to annoy you)


   Gifty's X-Com 06/02/2014 1.0 0.9 Nightly Version Release<ul><li></li><li></li></ul> 1509 33.73 MB

Filename: Gifty's X-Com
Uploaded: 06/02/2014
File Size: 33.73 MB

Change Log: Version Release
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Updated: 3 years ago
Author: Gifty
Added: June 02, 2014 06:40 PM

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