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Gazer Alien
The Gazer race joins the aliens ranks, together with its own Holodrone terror unit. Current Version: 1.5a / 1.9 for OpenXcom Nightly

Mod Information

Adds an extra alien race, the 'Gazers'. They come accompanied by their own terror unit, the Holodrone.

(They start appearing from the 5th month; the chance is small at the beginning but it increases as the game goes on).

USE 1.5a WITH OpenXcom 1.0 OR THE GAME WILL CRASH; for version 1.9 you have to use the latest OpenXcom Nightly release.



   Alien_Gazer_1.9_OpenXcomMOD.zip 09/12/2015 1.9 Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 60 479.92 KB

Filename: Alien_Gazer_1.9_OpenXcomMOD.zip
Uploaded: 09/12/2015
File Size: 479.92 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

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   gazer_alien_1.5a_OpenXcomMOD.zip 08/10/2014 1.5a 1.0 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 38 340.14 KB

Filename: gazer_alien_1.5a_OpenXcomMOD.zip
Uploaded: 08/10/2014
File Size: 340.14 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

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Has something been changed since the original upload? I'm trying to use the 1.5a version with openxcom 1.0 and the graphics are really, really glitchy for this mod. For instance, only the legs will be on the proper tile. The torso, if it is even visible, will be somewhere else.

Catting everything into its own png file seemed to help some, with the alien itself seeming to be visible and in one piece, but the colors were completely screwed up, even when I changed it to indexed color.
11th March 2015 7:27am
As an addendum, I was able to determine the color issue. Apparently openxcom just looks at the raw numbers in the file image data, and completely ignores the palette in the file, applying the standard battlescape palette to that...and if gimp optimized things by cutting out unused colors...well, it will look horrible.

At any rate, I determined how to fix this using gimp, and have a working Gazer spritesheet, if you're interested in including it in the mod.
12th March 2015 2:34am
Lovely mod and everything was working fine til recently. I'm in the very late stage of my current game but have a problem. Anytime I crash a Gazer UFO or they get through the base defences the game crashes back to my desktop as soon as the mission starts. Don't understand what is happening. Wud attach my current save file but there doesn't appear to be an attach option here. So far I'm able to work round this as the only Gazer mission atm is a retaliation one vs one of my bases ... Read More
8th December 2014 6:32am
fixed (hopefully).
12th December 2014 3:48am
I like alien mods but this species is a little too uber to be balanced, especially earlier on in the game. About as impossible to kill as a sectopod without the stronger weaponry. DU machine guns won't even kill them. They will mow you down before you even get them injured.

18th June 2014 6:24pm
Well they're made in style of TFTD's Lobstermen. And still I've made them weaker than those.

Anyway I lowered their armor values by 5 points, and delayed their appearance by 2 months; so the player is likely to have lasers by that time.
21st June 2014 4:39am
It's the nature of XCOM. If you feel they are too overpowered I think maybe you should abort the mission and get back to research and training your soldiers. It's not uncommon to even get a base defense mission in month 1.
21st June 2014 1:27pm
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