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Extra Pockets
More Places To Put Stuff! (Includes Arpia's Quick-Draw Slot!)

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Mod Information

This mod is slightly OP but I like options so I made it. This was inspired by the QuickDraw slot mod. I like in FPS games, when the main guy has 2 weapons. "How does that shotgun attach to his back like that?" Irrelevant. This mod gives you options. One extra slot for each shoulder, 2 extra slots for each leg (Pistol size!) and one extra belt slot that makes a Mind Probe or Small Launcher that much easier to ready. Q-D slot has been renamed 2ND and size has also been increased by one.

With this mod, the backpack really is just for storing large weapons or loot to carry back to the ship.  Soldiers can carry a secondary weapon that can be brought forth at a moment's notice. The soldier's weight encumbrance still fully applies, however, so keep that in mind.

Quick Draw slot has been changed to 1 TU to hand, because I think the only thing that should cost 0 TUs is a Medikit evaluation. Still 2 to put away. No other TU cost has been altered.

To Install: Extract the Ruleset folder into your OpenXCom/data folder.


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Updated: 3 years ago
Author: TurkishSwede
Added: April 19, 2014 04:48 AM

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