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Expanded Gauss Arsenal
An expanded Gauss arsenal for TFTD

Mod Information

This mod expands the Gauss weapons for Terror from the Deep to include more weapons and clips. This mod should increase the viability of Gauss weapons without altering any alien stats.

This mod adds the following weapons in addition to the normal Gauss weapons:

Small Gauss Pistol

Heavy Gauss Pistol

Gauss Assaulter (basically an SMG)

Gauss Shard Rifle (basically a shotgun)

Gauss Sniper Rifle

Gauss Supressor (basically a gauss LMG)

Gauss Grenade (don't think too hard about the science of that one)

Aqua plastic tipped clips for all Gauss weapons

Zrbite Core cilps for all Gauss weapons

Install Instructions

Place in the mods folder with normal OpenXcom mods. Swtich game type to Terror for the deep then activate the mod.


Size 12/30/2015 1.1 TFTD Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Updated version number</li> <li>Added Russian Tranlsation</li></ul> 843 364.70 KB

Uploaded: 12/30/2015
File Size: 364.70 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Updated version number
  • Added Russian Tranlsation
Click anywhere to close. 08/17/2015 1.0 08172015 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Full Release</li></ul> 498 362.49 KB

Uploaded: 08/17/2015
File Size: 362.49 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Full Release
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Updated: 1 year ago
Author: XOps
Added: August 07, 2015 10:00 PM

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