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Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants
A collection of 86 darkened vanilla variant UFO maps. The Madness of Aliens lurking around corners, while you storm a unfamiliar UFO. - What else can you want?

Mod Information

#Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants by hellrazor
#Readme for Version 1.2
#Credit: see CREDITS.TXT

A collection of the vanilla ufo interior variants, made by a variety of people over time.
Including vanilla variant files, from Luke's Extra UFO's mod, YetMoreUFO's Mod and Extra Battleships.
Maps and Routes have been rechecked and some minor errors fixed.
The maps have been darkened, so you can walk along the West and North walls, without revealing
the inside terrain, this also increased the alien alloy account for recovery, but only to a small

There are also another Version of U_BITS.MCD and U_EXT02.MCD, which make those ships
complete sealed against blasts from rockets or explosives.
If you do not want those MCD files simply delete them and restart OpenXcom and you get vanilla settings.

Additional UFO Maps (darkened):
   8 Medium Scout Maps
   27 Large Scout Maps
   24 Harvester Maps
   10 Abductor Maps
   8 Terror Ship Maps
   2 Supply Ship Maps
   7 Battleship Map

Which makes a total of 86 strictly vanilla interior variants.

Credits go to:
    hellrazor (rechecking, darkening error corrections),
    Robert Di Fiore,
    Luchian Deurell,
    Sam Jeffreys,
    SolariusScorch (UFO designers),
    Luke83 and TurkishSwede (UFO maps and tilesets designers),
    Ben Ratzlaff (the author of MapView),
    all testers of that program, Volutar (for his MCDEdit),
    Mark Tyler and Dmitry Groshev
    Cooper for some Battleship variants

If i forgot someone, or something is incorrect, please let me know.

Please report any bugs or suggestions here on the forum

Install Instructions

#Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants by hellrazor

Intall instructions:
 - Go to your Mod folder and delete the old "Darkened_UFO_Vanilla_Variants" directory.
 - Extract Zip file
 - Copy over the directory "Darkened_UFO_Vanilla_Variants" in your user mods directory.
 - Active "Darkened_UFO_Vanilla_Variants" under Mods

This mod requieres at least: openxcom_git_master_2015_11_30_1238 or newer


see longdescription

License Information

You may use all parts of this mod to your full extent, as you see fit.

But please make sure you give proper credit to the original creator or author.

See CREDIT.TXT or Readme Section here on the portal.


Size 05/26/2017 1.2 Nightly <p>Version 1.2:<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Fix wall errors on</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 204 124.79 KB

Uploaded: 05/26/2017
File Size: 124.79 KB

Change Log:

Version 1.2:
    - Fix wall errors on


Click anywhere to close. 07/23/2016 1.1 Nightly <p>Version 1.1:<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;- Added two more Battleship variants<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;- Fix some minor errors on some maps</p> 450 124.77 KB

Uploaded: 07/23/2016
File Size: 124.77 KB

Change Log:

Version 1.1:
    - Added two more Battleship variants
    - Fix some minor errors on some maps

Click anywhere to close. 02/01/2016 1.0 Nightly <p>Initial Release</p> 641 120.52 KB

Uploaded: 02/01/2016
File Size: 120.52 KB

Change Log:

Initial Release

Click anywhere to close.

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