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Combat - Uniform Armors
Level IV Body Armor, consisting of 36 piles of Kevlar ballistic panels equipped with aditional Ceramic/Titanium Strike Plates in the front and back.

Mod Information

Level IV Body Armor, consisting of 36 piles of Kevlar ballistic panels equipped with aditional Ceramic/Titanium Strike Plates in the front and back. Supplied by the U.S. Army, it offers better overall protection compared to the standard Kevlar vest. It wasn't meant for Plasma Bolts, but it will boost our troops confidence in battle.

NEW*: - Stats added to the uniform and armor types, giving extra qualities and quirks to these armor systems.
           - For the most part, the armor gives your troops confidence in the field and their job, although plasma fire can still kill them >_<
           - WoodLand Camo uniform and Armor systems added. ^_^
Additions : - By request from several members here, DragonSkin Armor system has been added.
                  - These Human Armor Systems are cheap based on real-life prices 
                  -  BUT now they add weight to your soldier.... I'm sure Solarius Scorch will like that
                  - Also, I'm using a weight formula that is in Spirit of X-Com creators....I think >_< 

             A Standard Human Corpse , 180 lbs. 24 UFO weight units should be 180 pounds for a man No female weights available

             Therefore, 1 UFO weight unit should 7.5 lbs. in real life, estimated
             So, the weight of the armors are as followed:-
           -  Uniform                                                 0 ufoWU why else will you wear it? To make the rookies look colorful maybe ^_^
           -  Kevlar Level 3 + Titanium Plates           5 ufoWU 37.5lbs I think just the vest is around 27 lbs. ? 5 to 7 lbs. per Plate
           -  Kevlar Level 4 + Interceptor Plates       6 ufoWU 45lbs    just guessing here  >_<  
           -  DragonSkin Level 5 Can't use Plates! 7 ufoWU 52.5lbs 
              The standard SOV 3000 weighs from 33 to 45 lbs depending on how much coverage you want. Level 5 MIL-STD SOV-3000™      weighs around 54 .lbs or more >_<  

Anyway, hope you all have lots of fun with these  ;D and Remember to research those super-lightweight and strong alien alloy armors ^_^ 

Included are:
Army Armor
A.N. Armor helmets marked on the left side
Camo uniform
Camo Kevlar Armor
Camo DragonSkin Armor*

Camo order is:
1 Urban
2 Jungle
3 Desert
4 Arctic
5 WoodLand*

These will not clash will any current armor mods as far as I know....


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