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Awesome Guns - Cities
Additional cities around the globe and corrected borders of countries.

Mod Information

Many cities have been added to all regions of the globe. This will make the game more interactive, especially during alien terror missions.

Moreover, the borders between countries and regions have been corrected. For example: Kaliningrad and Vladivostok are related to Russia, Toronto is related to Canada, Honolulu is related to the USA.

Install Instructions

Extract the file into your  data/Ruleset  folder of the OpenXCom game. After that, activate this mod in the Game/Options/MODS menu.


This modification is designed for OpenXcom (ver. 1.0) and works well on Windows and Linux.

License Information

This modification is a separated part of Awesome Guns modification and is distributing under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

Do not use this modification together with the Awesome Guns modification.


Size 12/14/2016 2.0 1.0 <ul> <li>some cities have been added</li> <li>regions of countries have been corrected</li> <li>terror missions have been improved</li></ul> 492 17.17 KB

Uploaded: 12/14/2016
File Size: 17.17 KB

Change Log:
  • some cities have been added
  • regions of countries have been corrected
  • terror missions have been improved
Click anywhere to close. 09/01/2016 1.2 1.0 <p>few cities have been added</p> 420 10.40 KB

Uploaded: 09/01/2016
File Size: 10.40 KB

Change Log:

few cities have been added

Click anywhere to close. 08/10/2016 1.1 1.0 <p>few cities have been added</p> 365 3.29 KB

Uploaded: 08/10/2016
File Size: 3.29 KB

Change Log:

few cities have been added

Click anywhere to close. 08/04/2016 1.0 1.0 438 14.26 KB

Uploaded: 08/04/2016
File Size: 14.26 KB

Change Log: Click anywhere to close.

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