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ATGM Launcher
A powerful guided missile launcher that can fire around obstacles, with two choices for missiles.

Mod Information

Falling behind? In desperate need of the right weapon to get back at those alien pests?

The ATX-6 "Talon" is a top-of-the-line experimental missile launcher with advanced laser-missile guidance technology. The missiles have a heavy payload and can deliver it to the target with extreme precision. It is designed for commanders falling behind in research to have something of a chance. Though expensive, the missiles are very powerful and are effective against armored targets. Two varieties of missile exist - high-power HE missiles, good for blowing through pesky civilian homes, and shaped-Elerium charge AT missiles, which deal heavy damage in a very small radius.



1.3: Launcher takes more TUs to fire.

1.2: AT Missiles now require Elerium.

1.1: Missiles updated to be slightly more powerful.

1.0: Initial Release.


Download Link ( upload function is broken):;topic=4681.0;attach=22370

Install Instructions

1. Use a tool such as 7-Zip or Winrar to unzip the file into a folder of your choice.

2. Copy the "ATGM Launcher" folder into your Openxcom mods folder.

3. Run the game, and enable the mod in the Openxcom options menu.


Made by "Arctic" of the OpenXcom community


Find me at


   ATGM 06/02/2016 1.1 Latest Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Minor balance tweaks; missiles do more damage</li></ul> 475 9.95 KB

Filename: ATGM
Uploaded: 06/02/2016
File Size: 9.95 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Minor balance tweaks; missiles do more damage
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   ATGM 06/02/2016 1.0 Latest Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 284 9.95 KB

Filename: ATGM
Uploaded: 06/02/2016
File Size: 9.95 KB

Change Log:

Version Release

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Added: June 02, 2016 12:39 PM

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