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Area 51
Expansion for the original game using the latest nightlies. Little has been changed of the original's mechanics and stats, but a ton of new content has been added. Version 0.92 released on July 26th, updated on October 21st, 2016.

Mod Information

Area 51 (formerly UFO Redux) is an expansion to the original game that requires at least OpenXCom nightly openxcom_git_master_2016_10_20_1125

Current version is 0.92 (updated October 21st, 2016).

Alternate download link (only if mod portal not working): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18824603/Area%2051/Area%2051%20v0.92.zip - USE THIS LINK, MOD PORTAL VERSION NOT UPDATED TO 0.92

How to install Area 51:  [url=http://youtu.be/L1WUpX9n7gY?t=29m25s]Video Tutorial[/url] (thanks to IvanDogovich for video)

For more details and bug report, feedback, etc., please see its forum board

WARNING - This mod is not compatible with any other megamods such as: 

* Terrain Pack (it is already included in Area 51)

* Final Mod Pack

* Piratez

* Hardmode Expansion

* X-Com Files

Install Instructions

Unzip the folder inside the .zip file to C:Documents and SettingsUserDocumentsOpenXcommods

DO NOT place it on the folder to where you've extracted OpenXCom that contains the OpenXcom.exe plus the common, standard, UFO and TFTD folders (you have been warned). 



Version 0.9.2

New Geoscape redesigned imported from the Terrain Pack, with a (hopefully) better balance between terror site terrains - vanilla terror on average will happen 2/3s with the remaining 1/3 consisting of escape missions.

Version 0.9

Major changes, see forum for details

Version 0.8h/i
Bug fixes
Version 0.8g
More terrain and ruleset bug fixes
Version 0.8f
Terrain, graphics and ruleset bug fixes
Version 0.8e
Bug fixes, added Combat Armor and Muton Elite and Muton Berserker
Version 0.8a/b/c/d
Bug fixes

Version 0.8

Reduced Sectopd and Cyberdisc vulnerability to incendiary ammo from 100 to 50 to reduce exploit. 

Several bug fixes: Terrain Pack, Geoscape, missing images, etc.

Removed changes to Hypewave Decoder and Laser/Plasma Cannons and Fusion Ball Launcher, restoring the vanilla stats. 

New terrains added: Desert Plane, Polar Plane, Tundra Plane, Tundra Forest, Tundra Forest Mountain, Tundra Polar, Taiga Polar, Grassland Polar, Savanna Polar, Steppe Polar, Siberia, Complex YY-18, Alien Hive, Alien Colony and Storm Mountain. 

Reworked alien missions: new terrains have been split between Alien Facility Attack and Alien Subversion Overseer UFO missions. Alien Facility Attacks now consist of recovering/defending allied facility, while on Alien Subversion player attacks hostile facilities. Capturing Thin Men, Human Agents or recovering Data Disk 4 are no longer required to activate missions. 

Reworked alien missions: reduced several special mission map sizes to either 60x60 or 80x40 and reduced alien numbers on all the new missions to terror site equivalents.

Reworked alien missions: added Outpost Defense, Facility Recover and Airfield Attack deployments. 

Reworked alien races: added Human crews for some of the Alien Subversion missions. Reworked race distribution in alien missions for more diversity and balance. Set all alienRaces to 12 ranks, regardless of if the additional ranks are used or not. 

Reworked alien missions: Area 51 mission moved to April for balance. Capture mission moved to January and terrain set to Complex.  

Reworked Overseer UFO: all Overseer missions are now stopped by interrogating an Ethereal Commander. The previous requirement for Data Disk 5 and 6 have been removed. 

Rewrote and organized News Items entries.

Added Liner Ship to Docked Ship mission. 

Version 0.7.8

Bug fixes

Version 0.7.7 & 0.7.6

Bug fixes

Version 0.7.5
More civilian units added, 3 new terrains using TFTD's Sunken Plane terrain, bug fixes for grass appearing inside UFOs and HWPs getting trapped inside caves. 
Version 0.7.4
Changes to the Overseer mission, deleted Laser Gun and Carbine, added Gauss weapons, reworked Minigun, Mudranger APC
Version 0.7.3
Bug fixes, changes to appearance of alien races on terror sites, graphic edits to alloy clips, 
Version 0.7.2
Bug fixes, Slums terrain added for new alienDeployment - Terror Site Escape. 
Version 0.7.1
Bug fixes, changes to the missionScript
Version 0.7
Several major changes, see initial post of forum thread for more details. 
Version 0.5.3 and 0.5.4
Bug fixes for cities on Geoscape
Added Alloy Shotgun and reworked weapons
Version 0.5.2
Updated ruleset with terrain pack bug fixes
Version 0.5.1
Bug fixes for crashes on UFO generation, slight map edits, research on Cultists and others
Version 0.5
More customizations to MJ12_OPERATIONS alienMission
Version 0.4.9
Map fixes for Port/Dawn City
Fixed bug with Improved HWPs
Fixed bug with News Briefs not appearing anymore
Removed Floater Medic 
Changed stats for MJ12 Plasma weapons to make them more distinguishable from the alien versions
Added scientist to the last tier of MJ12 races
Reduced power back to original of improved laser weapons
Changes to Cultist missions
Version 0.4.8
Fixed missing string and map issues
Version 0.4.7
Corrected manufacturing time to reflect changes in research (reduced from 200% to 150% of vanilla values)
Added briefing to MJ12 Operations 03 mission. 
Fixed research to properly show 'we can now research' messages
Version 0.4.6
Fix for bugged map that was causing crashes on the VIP Transport mission. Removed Commercial and Railyard terrains from Terror Sites due to several bug reports. 
Added custom mission briefing for VIP Transport mission. 
Version 0.4.5
More bug fixes to terrain and tweaks to MCD settings.
Research cost reduced from 200% to 150% of vanilla.
8 new maps for Area 51. Replaced Merc Base with Omega Facility. Merc Base terrain reused and renamed as the Omega Headquarters. Started overhauling of the mid to late game MJ12 mission. 
Version 0.4.4
Fixed minor MCD bugs related to LOFT/Scang. Death screams apparently not fixed.
Version 0.4.3
Fixed death screams, reduced armor and adjusted ufoTrajectories of Transport Plane, tweaks to Mercenary Base mapScript, fixed terrain sounds for AREA51BASE.
Version 0.4.2
Fixed wrong path in ruleset
Version 0.4.1
More sprite and map design changes. 
Version 0.4.0
Stairs and Street Lights fixes.
Version 0.3.9
Bug fixes.
Version 0.3.8
Bug fixes.
Version 0.3.7
More sprite design & finished last maps.
Added Thunderstorm and Combat Armor mods and XComUtil's Improved HWPs as techs available for recovery at the Mercenary Base.
Added Omega SMG, Magnum, Small Pistol, PDW and Carbine (all from XenoOperations mod) to the base mission.
Changed Research for the new techs and also to unlock Omega Weapons if all their firearms are captured and researched. 
Version 0.3.6
Additional sprite work to replace placeholders and fix visual issues.
Added additional maps, changed terrain script to increase number of available spots for LZs and to add a random factor to road placement. 
Version 0.3.5
Redone some of the sprites on the terrain files, to remove placeholders and introduce a little more color. Added animations to electronic screens/consoles and to the red alert lights. Redid some values, specially regarding flammability of tiles and fixed minor issues with the MCD settings. 
Version 0.3.4
Terrain Pack bug fixes.
Reworked MJ12 Introduction alienMission, with the addition to the Mercenary Base using the new AREA51BASE terrain. 
Version 0.3.3
Updated to latest version of the Terrain Pack
Removed several weapons: SMG, Chainsaw, Flamethrower, Shiv, Magnum and PDW.
Removed Guard Dog from MJ12 units
Simplified Research Tree - several proposed subjects were dropped, now it is required to capture an Alien Scientist to unlock all Plasma Weapons, Psionics and Hyperwave Decoder. Alien Engineers are required to unlock UFO Power Source and Navigators to unlock UFO Navigation. Laser Weapons can only be unlocked by an MJ12/Mercenary Researcher. 
Skyranger/Avenger unit capacity and number of aliens on missions restored to vanilla. 
Version 0.3.2
Bug fixes
Version 0.3.1
Fixed bug with Mercenary Autopsies and Interrogations.
Fixed bug from the Terrain Pack regarding new terrains not appearing and MCD issues on the Tundra terrains. 
Reworked XCom conventional weapons, but haven't removed anything yet. 
Version 0.3
Updated to more recent nightly build
Version 0.2.1
Added several new terrains for UFO missions and redesign of existing ones
Fixed bug with research topics showing up when they are supposed to be locked
Removed Smoke rockets due to issues and weapon not adding much
Fixed bug with terrain generation
Version 0.1.1
Removed Sectoid Corpse from MJ12 missions 1 and 7. 
Removed Alien Biology research topic and Alien Containment requiring it to be built. 
License Information

List of credits included in the readme file of the .zip - if you're not listed there or want your work removed just post on the forum thread. 

This expansion and its assets are free to be used on other mods, but please remember to give proper credit to its authors :)


   Area 51 v0.91.zip 08/27/2016 0.91 Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 203 9.20 MB

Filename: Area 51 v0.91.zip
Uploaded: 08/27/2016
File Size: 9.20 MB

Change Log:

Version Release

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   Area 51 v0.9.zip 07/17/2016 0.9 Nightly <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 0 9.16 MB

Filename: Area 51 v0.9.zip
Uploaded: 07/17/2016
File Size: 9.16 MB

Change Log:

Version Release

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hobbes pls help, so sady, i can not find version openxcom_git_master_2016_06_10_0734.
i can cry Crying why 1000 updates openxcom , i can not find old version, i can not find 5 day old version, realy so sady, help pls, i wanna play area 51
28th June 2016 4:08am
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