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Alternate Graphics for Piratez Extended
A Collection of Alternate Inventory Images for Dioxine's Piratez Extended (Version 0.99F5 Now Up)

Mod Information

Dioxine has created an brilliant mod with Piratez Extended but personaly I find the some of the Inventory Images wrong or just not fitting in.

Thus I started to work on my own Versions - while some of these (Such as the helmet-less Tac suits and mask-less Smoke Gear) are already included in Dioxine's Mod download, I decided to put my own version out.

If you need an older version - please visit the Forum for links.

Edit: Version 099F5 - General update of files.

Edit: Version 099F4 has been split into two mods - one for the normal game and one for use with the Naughty mod.

Edit: From Version 094D on Every thing has been combined in a single Mod that now allows you to mix&match the alternates.

If you have trouble with the version here, there are alternate links posted on the forum page, please use one of those.

Please Note - The Zip File conatains ALL the my Alternate Images mods, Once instaled you can turn on which ones you want from the Open X-Com menu.

If you have any sugestions and comments about these versions, please leave a comment on the forum thread

I will update the Display Image every time the mod is updated

The List below is all the completed mods and what version/any notes.

28/03/17 : New Version compatible with XPiratez 0.99F4 For OXE 3.5+ (V0.99F4)

25/11/16 : New Version compatible with XPiratez 0.99E.2 For OXE 3.3+ (V0.99E2)

20/07/16 : New Version compatible with XPiratez 0.99 For OXE 3.2 (V0.99A) (Fixed problem with Biker Chick files)

03/04/16 : New Version compatible with XPiratez 0.98B (V0.94E)

15/03/16 : Mix&Match function added - See Readme. Added Wyich (Voodoo) - Five Colours, Swimsuit - One Variant, Assiassin, Dragonfly and Stormy Armours.

21/01/16 : Default (Biker Chick V0.94A) added, Warrior replaced with updated version (V0.94A)

29/12/15 : Warrior V0.93

30/10/15 : Runt V0.92
21/10/15 : Superhero V0.91 - Sealed, Helmet Open and Helmet Off versions.
21/10/15 : Gym Gear : V0.91

Install Instructions

Unzip the contents of the file into the Mod folder in the User folder of your OpenXcom, makeing sure each individual sub-folder is there.

Then just turn on the ones you want from the options/mods menu of OpenXcom.

Edit: From Version 0.94D on, the mod combines all the subfolders into a single mod. Please ensure you Delete All previous versions before Installing



This mod replaces some of the default paperdolls, and allows variants of others.

The Assassin, Dragonfly and Stormy armours replaces the default paperdolls.

The Biker Chick, Runt, Gym, Swimsuit, Superhero and Warrior armours add alternate versions, which you can pick from the Armour lists allowing you to Mix & Match variants as you see fit.

The Wyich (Voodoo) Armour replaces the default paperdolls and adds four diffrent versions, which you can Mix & Match as Above.

If you do not wish to use a particular Armour, simply delete it's .RUL file from the ruleset folder.


Size 04/07/2017 0.99F5 XPiratez 0.99F5 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>General Update</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 217 10.63 MB

Uploaded: 04/07/2017
File Size: 10.63 MB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • General Update
Click anywhere to close. 03/27/2017 0.99F4 XPiratez V0.99F4 <p>Version Release</p> <ul> <li>Update For V0-99F4</li> <li>&nbsp;</li></ul> 158 9.74 MB

Uploaded: 03/27/2017
File Size: 9.74 MB

Change Log:

Version Release

  • Update For V0-99F4
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