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Alloy weapons
Adds weapons made from Alien Alloys to the game.

  • Alloy weapons
Mod Information

I  (chaosshade) was in a conversation on the IRC channel and I felt compelled to make a new sprite for the Auto Cannon that wasn't ugly.  Admittedly my own sprite isn't great by any means, but I like how it turned out in the end.  I'll detail the weapons in a moment.  There shouldn't be any conflicts and the weapons should be nice and tidy in both the UFOpaedia and in the inventory screens.  This mod SHOULD be compatible with any other mod because it doesn't alter the alien deployment tables.  Be wary that some items may overlap because modders typically do not take other weapons into account when they're making their own weapon mods.  Be sure to read in-game item lists carefully to ensure you don't make any mistakes when you're buying/selling/manufacturing items.

Weapon Details:
Assault Cannon (replaces Auto Cannon)
AP 42
HE 44
Inc 48
Auto 40% TU 32% Acc
Snap 33% TU 56% Acc
Aimed 80% TU 82% Acc

Alloy Pistol - 35AP
Auto 25% TU 40% Acc
Snap 20% TU 65% Acc
Aimed 33% TU 85% Acc

Alloy Rifle - 45AP
Auto 30% TU 55% Acc
Snap 20% TU 75% Acc
Aimed 40% TU 110% Acc

Alloy Assault Cannon
AP 60
HE 85
Inc 90
Auto 33% TU 85% Acc
Snap 25% TU 90% Acc
Aimed 50% TU 110% Acc

Alloy Mega Cannon
AP 75
HE 90
Inc 110
Snap 30% TU 75% Acc
Aimed 50% TU 110% Acc

Alloy Rocket Launcher
HE 150
HE 220
Inc 260
Snap 40% TU 85% Acc
Aimed 70% TU 115% Acc

Alloy Weapons
Alloy Ammo
Elerium Ammo

Install Instructions

Install instructions:
Copy/Paste the Resource and Ruleset folders into your data folder in your install directory.



Alloy Weapons
by chaosshade and hellrazor

This is more aimed at people who don't have other weapon mods installed (well, ones that change human weapons anyway.)  This does give some really evil power weapons but they're expensive and difficult to manufacture, so I think they're pretty fair.

Install instructions:
Copy/Paste the Resource and Ruleset folders into your data folder in your install directory.

-Starting version
-SHOULD be bug-free (please report any bugs)


License Information

Credit me (chaosshade) and hellrazor if you use it in your own mod.


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Yeah, I screwed up. The 0.3 version works properly (I pulled it from my "live" folder this time.) 0.2 was using some junk files from a stray folder. Sorry about that.
4th May 2015 12:48pm
Yep noticed what u said myself with v0.2 and with the modsite down for some sort of "port 80" error atm, I can't pull down v0.1. Whenever I start a new game the research topic alloy weapons will not come up but the weapons r all in their ufopedia entries but game crashes if u go into any of them except for alloy pistol!
3rd May 2015 7:18pm
I like the concept, but the ruleset in v0.2 seems to be fairly broken (mis-numbered floor and bigobject sprites, invalid bullet sprite numbers, missing "armor" and "battleType" values, wrong inventory dimensions for assault cannon ammo, etc.). Three questions: Did you include the wrong "Alloy Weapons.rul" file by accident? I have an edited ruleset file that fixes all the problems I've noticed so far. Would you like me to send it to you? Is there some other mod ... Read More
2nd May 2015 3:45pm
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